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Who are we

Our expertise is radio promotion.


We have an enormous database of contacts in 30,000 radio stations all throughout the world from all genres. We maintain good relationship with many of them and know their preferences, so when we pitch music to radio stations, we are carefully targeting only radio stations with suitable profile, so the chances of getting airplay tremendously increase. This huge variety of stations can potentially expose your music to millions of listeners.

We pitch your music in English and Spanish


Not only that, we pitch your music and communicate with stations both in English and Spanish. Around 20% of the radio stations in our database are Spanish speaking, so we send them submissions of your music in Spanish, thereby increasing chances of getting airplay in radio stations in Latin-American countries as well, which constitute a huge market in itself.

We know programmers, and they know us

Unlike other radio promotion services out there, our service is not just “fire and forget”. Our infrastructure is well-constructed, so the vast majority of stations we submit to actually listen to the songs we send them. We respond to hundreds of emails personally, that way we maintain good relationship with the stations, and many of them actually come back to us to ask about new music.

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A campaign tailored to your music and budget.


ReFeel Music Group will tailor a radio promotion campaign that fits your music and budget. We will submit your new single to thousands of radio stations across the world which we have targeted based on your music. Among the 30,000 radio stations we submit to, you will find stations playing pop, indie, electro, rock, metal, folk, alternative, edm, trance, house, jazz, blues, drum and bass, dubstep, chillout, and many other genres!

You know exactly what you get.


Throughout every promotion campaign, we send a report elaborating all radio stations that confirmed programming of the song, as well as an airplay monitoring report elaborating plays of your song in monitored radio stations. This way you will be able to tell exactly which stations in which countries have played your song, and in some stations even when, and how many times. This report can also help you claiming royalties for your song's airplay through the collective management organization in your country (like ASCAP in USA).

Airplay guaranteed.


No, we don't get any "special favors" from any radio station nor we bribe any station into playing a particular song. All stations play the songs we pitch to them only because they like the song and think their audience would like it as well. So how come we can guarantee airplay? Our campaigns start at 5,000 stations and we always make sure in advance the song we are promoting is suitable for radio broadcast in general, and particularly, for the radio stations we submit to. Therefore, we can be certain enough that if we submit a song after carefully listening to it and targeting relevant stations, the song will get airplay. Didn't get any airplay within one month of beginning of the campaign? We guarantee a full refund.

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