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Making music since the age of seven, despite never acquiring musical education, MF always aspired to educate himself. His longtime band Road to Evenmind has been a warm home where he and his friends matured together, both personally and musically, during more than two decades.

After experimenting with a wide variety of musical genres, such as rock, metal, funk, jazz, fusion and classical, he recently decided to take a new adventure, and this time, he is flying solo. In his new project, he is creating fresh, funky and addictive synthpop music, incorporating modern synthesizer sounds and beats with influences from 80’s and disco music, accompanied by thought invoking themes. With this creative energy in him, he seeks to spread his word around the globe.

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Untitled EP, 2019

1. Under Cover

2. Plan D

3. Sleep

4. Predetermined

Written and composed by May Fall

Produced and recorded by May Fall

Mixed by

Mastered by

Cover May Fall - small.jpg

Same Code/Blind Zone, 2016

1. Same Code

2. Blind Zone

Written and composed by May Fall

Produced and recorded by May Fall

Mixed by Noam Catinthesack Meiri (BZ) and May Fall (SC)

Mastered by Michael Fossenkamper (Turtletone Studio)


All rights reserved to ReFeel Music Group © 2018

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