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ReFeel Music Group is an innovative artist management and music promotion agency.
We represent some brilliant and promising emerging artists and utilizing disruptive techniques for promotion of our artists' and clients' music.

ReFeel Music Group was founded in late 2015 by an unusual combination of professionals from various areas in the music industry, such as music promotion, artist management, legal and business counseling on music related aspects, and music and video production.

Our aim in founding ReFeel Music Group was establishing a one-stop-shop for musicians and other music industry professionals, from indie artists to major record labels, in which all aspects of music making, publishing and promotion can be handled professionally.

Thanks to the wide variety of fields of expertise in music business each member of our team has acquired, and thanks to our network of colleagues in the music industry, we can provide all sorts of services for artists and music industry professionals alike, from music production and recording, video production and editing, artwork and social media platforms design, concept design and branding, promotion, distribution, PR, artist management, professional and legal consulting for musicians and music industry professionals, and many more.

May Fall 01.jpg

May Fall

May Fall is the artistic persona of individual no. 4842330029. During daytime, he is attempting to fulfill society’s expectations by occupying his designated position in humanity’s food-chain. However, his failure to reconcile himself with the determinacy of life’s path leads him to seek alternative methods for relieving his continuous uneasiness. With the intent to disrupt the triviality of his existence, he finds comfort in creation. His objective is to make you reevaluate your presumptions, to see and hear things differently. His music will energize your body with electronic beats and synesthetic textures and patterns. His words will resonate long after the song is over. When you listen, you will understand.

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