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Who we are

ReFeel Music Group is an innovative artist management and music promotion agency.
We represent some brilliant and promising emerging artists and utilizing disruptive techniques for promotion of our artists' and clients' music.

Our Radio Promotion Campaigns are the spearhead of our services, incorporating our team's longtime experience and creative marketing capabilities, huge network of connections and our advanced techniques and system to offer cost-effective and affordable global scale promotion of new music to radio stations everywhere, carefully tailored to the client's market and budget.

We have an enormous database of 30,000 contacts in radio stations from all types (terrestrial, online, commercial, public, college and others) all throughout the world in all genres. When we get a new single to promote, we give it a good listen, and use our system to generate a targeted list of thousands of radio stations most suitable to play the music. The client then chooses how many of the targeted radio stations to include in the campaign, to suit best to their budget.

We maintain good relationship with many of the radio stations and know their preferences, so when we pitch good music (which we select specifically to fit the station profile) there are good chances the artist gets airplay. We communicate with stations in English or Spanish, thereby increasing chances of getting attention from stations in Latin-American countries as well (a huge market in itself).
We then track all airplay the song gets for a period of two months and provide the client with detailed reports showing when and where the song was played.

ReFeel Music Group was founded in late 2015 by an unusual combination of professionals from various areas in the music industry, such as music promotion, artist management, legal and business counseling on music related aspects, and music and video production.

Our aim in founding ReFeel Music Group was establishing a one-stop-shop for musicians and other music industry professionals, from indie artists to major record labels, in which all aspects of music making, publishing and promotion can be handled professionally.

Thanks to the wide variety of fields of expertise in music business each member of our team has acquired, and thanks to our network of colleagues in the music industry, we can provide all sorts of services for artists and music industry professionals alike, from music production and recording, video production and editing, artwork and social media platforms design, concept design and branding, promotion, distribution, PR, artist management, professional and legal consulting for musicians and music industry professionals, and many more.

We seek to provide the best services to our clients, affordable, quick and professional.

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